Our Mission:

Our mission is to encourage all men to embrace their vocation, whatever their state of life, by being faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and by reclaiming their duties as men in all aspects of life.  Through weekly fellowship we will encourage one another to live God centered lives and we will challenge each other to live out our holy duties to lead our families and friends to Christ, both by word and by action. Through continual learning, growth in prayer and active sharing of our faith we will come to know Christ better and will become a light of Christ in this world.

We meet each Thursday (excluding Holy Days and holidays) from 7-9pm and cover a wide range of topics. Typically the first hour of our meeting is used to introduce the topic for discussion. We use various forms of media including audio cd’s (such as those developed by Lighthouse Catholic Media), videos, and/or written materials. The last part of our meeting is used for discussion where the men have the opportunity to share their insights on the topic or to ask questions to help clarify their understanding. As alluded to in the mission statement, the intent of this group is to help men grow in their vocations and to live active Christ centered lives. We will rely on the Holy Spirit to direct this group in its study.  Our initial focus will be to grow and improve our knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church through the study of apologetics.