Saint Peter and The Three Stages Of The Spiritual Life

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The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life

1. Purgative Way: Spiritual Childhood Dark Night of the Senses

2. Illuminative Way: Spiritual Adolescence Dark Night of the Spirit

3. Unitive Way: Spiritual Adulthood

The Spiritual Life of St. Peter

1. From Peter’s First Conversion to Passion Passion and Death of Jesus

2. Peter’s Second Conversion to Ascension The Ascension of Jesus

3. Pentecost to the Peter’s Martyrdom

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What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Sola Fide

The doctrine of sola fide or “by faith alone” asserts God’s pardon for guilty sinners is granted to and received through faith, conceived as excluding all “works,” alone. All mankind, it is asserted, is fallen and sinful, under the curse of God, and incapable of saving itself from God’s wrath and curse. But God, on the basis of the life, death, and resurrection of his SonJesus Christ alone (solus Christus), grants sinners judicial pardon, or justification, which is received solely through faith. Faith is seen as passive, merely receiving Christ and all his benefits, among which benefits are the active and passive righteousness of Jesus Christ. Christ’s righteousness, according to the followers of “sola fide,” is imputed (or attributed) by God to the believing sinner (as opposed to infused or imparted), so that the divine verdict and pardon of the believing sinner is based not upon anything in the sinner, nor even faith itself, but upon Jesus Christ and his righteousness alone, which are received through faith alone. Justification is by faith alone and is distinguished from the other graces of salvation. See the Protestant ordo salutis for more detail on the doctrine of salvation considered more broadly than justification by faith alone.  What does the Catholic Church teach about this?  Please read more.

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