Christianity & Islam: Are We At War? By Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

There are a couple of things that we have to understand at the very outset.  The world for Muslims is divided into two parts.  First, the land of the people of Islam.  Islam means being submitted.  So, the land where people are submitted to God.  Second, the people or the land or war.  If a country has not submitted to Sharia, the law of God as revealed in the Quran and Muhammad’s oral tradition, then that land is not in submission and is a land of war. [Read more…]

Catholicism and Buddhism | By: Anthony E. Clark and Carl E. Olson

Near the end of his life the Trappist monk and author Thomas Merton said that he wanted “to become as good a Buddhist as I can.” A contemporary priest, Robert E. Kennedy, S.J., Roshi (Zen master), holds Zen retreats at Morning Star Zendo in Jersey City. He states on his web site: “I ask students to trust themselves and to develop their own self-reliance through the practice of Zen.” Meanwhile, the St. Francis Chapel at Santa Clara University hosts the weekly practice of “Mindfulness and Zen Meditation.” Similarly, there are a growing number of Buddhist retreats and workshops being held in Catholic monasteries and parishes.

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How is Catholicism Different From Hinduism? | Thomas Ryan, CSP Answers

First of all, Hinduism is not a religion as we tend to think of a religion. It is a name given to a range of practices, attitudes, beliefs, schools of thought, and the social and political systems connected to these. There is in Hinduism the idea of an enduring divine reality that never changes: Brahman. And “God” is the personalized form or manifestation of that ultimate divinity and takes many forms.

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