What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Sola Scriptura

Sola scriptura (Latin ablative, “by scripture alone”) is the doctrine that the Bible contains all knowledge necessary for salvation and holiness. Consequently, sola scriptura demands only those doctrines are to be admitted or confessed that are found directly within or indirectly by using valid logical deduction or valid deductive reasoning from scripture. However, sola scriptura is not a denial of other authorities governing Christian life and devotion. Rather, it simply demands that all other authorities are subordinate to, and are to be corrected by, the written word of God. Sola scriptura was a foundational doctrinal principle of the Protestant Reformation held by the Reformers and is a formal principle of Protestantism today.  What does the Catholic Church teach about this?  Please read more. [Read more…]

Where We Got the Bible – Our Debt to the Catholic Church

– the content of the Bible was written by men chosen by God who were divinely inspired

– an estimated 1500 years elapsed between the writing of Genesis an Revelation

– the Bible is a collection of different books which in Greek was called “biblia” meaning “the books”.

– the original language of the Old Testament was Hebrew, while the common language of the New Testament was Greek [Read more…]