Angels Explained – What You Should Know About the Nine Choirs by Dr. Mark Miravalle

St. John Damascene, an 8th century doctor of the Church, captures the mystery of angels with the following quote, “The angels are secondary spiritual lights who receive their brightness from the First Light which is without beginning.  They have no need of tongue and hearing, rather they communicate their individual thoughts and designs to one another without having recourse to the spoken word.  Now, all the angels were created by the Word and perfected by the sanctification of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with their dignity and rank they enjoy brightness and grace. They have no need for marriage because they are not mortal.  They illuminate one another by the essence of their rank or nature.  They are vigorous and prompt in the execution of the divine will.  They watch over the parts of the earth and are set over nations and places in accordance with their disposition by the Creator.”

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